Styrofoam Sheets

September 6, 2013 – 11:33

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS),is the generic industry name for a white rigid material made by expanding polystyrene beads with steam and bonding the beads together under pressure in a block or shape mold. EPS is used in the construction industry for insulation and void fill. It is also used in a variety of packaging applications including coolers,wine shippers,molded end caps and corners. It can be cut into an unlimited variety of shapes

Because of high incidence of damage,these sheets cannot ship via common carrier. Sheets can be shipped in our local delivery area. This area covers Dade,Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

Our styrofoam sheets contain no CFC'S/HCFC'S or HFC's. Please recycle these sheets whenever possible.

Our styrofoam sheets have been evaluated and are listed by: UL,FM,ICC-ES,HUD,MIAMI-DADE County,and various national,state and local agencies. Our Stryrofoam sheets contain a flame retardant; however,it should be considered combustible and should not be exposted to sources of ignition.

Styrofoam Sheets

EPS can be precut into sheets or blocks of almost any thickness,length and width to fill in packaging voids. It is one of the most economical materials available to keep your product stable or to help protect if from damage.

Carton Liners

Carton liners are the most common use of EPS for packaging applications. Six panels are sized to snuggly line a corrugated carton. For non-food items the liners provide cushion protection from rough handling. When shipping refrigerated or frozen food,EPS carton liners will keep your food items cold longer.

Creating a Styrofoam Box


Uline Wine Bottle Shippers - 1 Bottle Pack - 5/bundle
Office Product (Uline)

FYI wine & liquor boxes

You cannot ship in wine or liquor boxes from here to Canada. Not sure about over state lines.
I didn't know this, packed up a bunch of stuff to send to family, got to the PO and they refused my boxes. Had to buy their shipping boxes and re-pack there before I could send.
Has to do with tariffs or some such. Who knows.
Scavengers, beware!

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