On 2nd September 2013, the first of a series of small exhibitions will open at the Bill Laxon Maritime Library at Voyager New Zealand Maritime Museum. The exhibition will remain in place for 1 or 2 months in a case installed in the Edmiston Gallery.The 'Out of the Box' exhibition series will showcase some of the paper objects (e.g. books, archives, manuscripts original documents and photographs) that are normally kept in boxes in storage and are only seen when needed for research enquiries or for temporary exhibitions.

In keeping with the theme this month - Merchant Navy Day (commemorated on 3rd September to honour those who served during WW2), the first exhibition will celebrate the140th Anniversary of the New Zealand Shipping Company.

The New Zealand Shipping Company was first registered in Christchurch on 6th January 1873. On the 12th September 1873 Hindostan the first ship owned by the New Zealand Shipping Company left London and arrived in Auckland on the 28th December 1873. In 1874 Hindostan was renamed Waitara.. Future themes for exhibitions will include: Auckland Harbour Board anniversaries, maritime firsts in NZ, 19th century immigration ship arrivals, shipping company anniversaries, shipwrecks, WW1 commemorations and yachting events.

Auckland Libraries has a large range of heritage resources relating to the New Zealand Shipping Company including: history of the company, passenger lists, the company's sailing ships and accounts from employees. The Heritage Images database also has a wonderful and rich array of photographs showing the company's premises and activities on the Auckland waterfront. Simply enter the keyword term New Zealand Shipping Company or use the Advanced Search option to select a specific year or decade.

Source: heritageetal.blogspot.com

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