Shipping to Canada (and elsewhere) from the US via the United States Postal Service (USPS) is fairly easy. In fact, MAILING is the BEST method for SENDING Dapoxetine Generic Cheap the BORDER!! NEVER any $$ brokers fees (as with UPS & FedEx) and mail offers much more economical choices! YOU CAN DO IT ALL ONLINE (no waiting in line) and track it, too!
NOTE on WAIT TIMES & Tracking: Unfortunately some packages can take 2-plus weeks to get to Canada from the US because they can get held up in the customs bottleneck (especially crossing through Detroit/Windsor). Please allow 2-3 weeks for most packages. (Note: Most 'missing' packages get returned to sender - which can add a couple of weeks.) Unfortunately, customs cannot / does not track packages; only packages with USPS tracking can be tracked. Canada customs (CBSA) mail site:

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DO IT ALL ON-LINE at!: Calculate and buy postage, print labels, order supplies, track packages and get on-line discounts: check out eBay's USPS SHIPPING ZONE:

USPS has an easy international rate calculator. 1. Select the country. 2. Select the mail type/shape (i.e. 'package'). 3. Enter weight (lbs & ozs). 4. Click on 'continue.' The calculator will provide you a list of ALL your USPS mailing/shipping options and costs for your box -- plus on-line customs forms/info and shipping labels. (NOTE: the calculator page provides access to a convenient downloadable (pdf) international rates chart, as well.)


NOTE: USPS does NOT use foreign postal (zip) codes/addresses to calculate shipping -- just weight. That's because mail that crosses the border becomes the responsibility of CanadaPost. In other words, the same package will cost the same amount no matter where it's mailed to in Canada!

USPS 'Preparing International Shipments' info/rules:

USPS Canada-specific rules:


1. FIRST CLASS MAIL INTERNATIONAL (FCMI): (Formerly Airmail Letter-post & Economy Letter-post.) A great, economical service for envelopes and small boxed items weighing 4 lbs or less and up to 36" around (length + width + depth). FCMI canNOT be insured, but it can be REGISTERED. (Note: USPS requires that some items such as jewelry, stocks/bonds, et al., be sent First Class Mail Int'l, Registered).

2. PRIORITY MAIL INTERNATIONAL (PMI): (Formerly Global Priority Mail, Airmail Parcel-post and Economy Parcel-post.) PMI provides tracking and optional insurance for envelopes and boxes small to large. It also offers Flat-Rate envelopes, as well as a discount for purchasing postage on-line.

3. EXPRESS MAIL INTERNATIONAL (EMI): (Formerly Global Express Mail or EMS.) EMI includes tracking and insurance for envelopes and boxes small to large, and offers faster service. EMI also offers Flat-Rate envelopes, as well as a discount for purchasing postage on-line.


I ship directly to the recipeint of the gift

A lot. It is no problem and does save the buyer the expense of paying twice.
If you are shipping in the USA, I would take advantage of the flat rate box $8.95 the US Postal service has. They have a couple of different sizes, you can take the snowsuit to the PO with you , they will help you decide what size and the best way to send it. I think you can even put a note in your mail box for your carrier to bring you some boxes, I know you can go online and order them, and print out the postage, tape it on, have your carrier pick it up or take it to work for the mail there whatever

Container shipping: the secretive industry crucial to our existence  —
They are the reason behind your cheap T-shirt and reasonably priced television. But who looks beyond a television now and sees the ship that carried .. The biggest container ship can carry 15,000 boxes.

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