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BRAND NEW Bubble Wrap


Ships for free and arrives in 1-2 business days!*

Item Description: This BRAND NEW Bubble Wrap® cushioning material is perforated every 12 inches for easy tearing, so you use just what you need. Small bubbles, measuring 5/16 of an inch, are ideal for protecting glass and other fragile items.

  • 80 ft of BRAND NEW Bubble Wrap® cushioning material
    (12 inch x 80 ft)
    (orders placed before 3pm arrive in 1-2 business days*)

    * Please note: This brand new product is shipped from a different warehouse than other quality USED products you may have purchased on this site, and may arrive at a different time. Although rare, this product might take an additional 1-2 days to arrive.

    BUBBLE WRAP® is a registered trademark of Sealed Air Corporation (US).

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For international shipping you can put small box

Inside padded envelopes :) no problem as long as you can seal the envelope normally.
I do it for small boxes because I don't want to have them get lost during shipping and the cost is usually cheaper than putting the small box inside a larger box just for shipping purposes.
Depends on how many bars you're shipping. Have you been to and used their worksheets? Really helpful and lots of information including price quotes and shipping options

Container shipping: the secretive industry crucial to our existence  —
They are the reason behind your cheap T-shirt and reasonably priced television. But who looks beyond a television now and sees the ship that carried .. The biggest container ship can carry 15,000 boxes.

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