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Corrugated & Chipboard Partitions/Pads

We provide a multitude of corrugated and chipboard partitions that provide protection,organization,and strength for products that are prone to transit,handling,and stacking damage. They can be custom designed,assembled or unassembled,colored,large to small,with cut corners and a variety of other attributes.
We also carry lightweight corrugated and chipboard Pads that provide added protection for applications used with mailers or layering in boxes.
See our Online Catalog for our stock partitions and pads or Contact Us for custom designed partitions and pads.

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Side Banner


Advanced Organizing Systems AOS Vertical Flat File Organizer - Stores Flat Items up to 30" X 42"
Single Detail Page Misc (Advanced Organizing Systems)
  • Perfect for filing, protecting, and storing documents, prints, graphics, art, film & other items that need to remain flat.
  • Easy and Economical to Use. Ideal for Active Files or Permanent Storage. Labeling on Top, Front & Side for Easy Identification. Interior Partitions & Rigid...
  • Sturdy, Attractive White Corrugated Cardboard with Deep Grey Lettering. Reinforced Bottom to Prevent Breakthrough. Efficient Vertical Storage Makes Retrieval and...
  • Documents Stored for Less Cost and in Less Space than Conventional Storage Methods.
  • Ships Flat; Assembly Required

Buy Cheap Priligy Uk

You could build a plywood box but it will cost a fortune to ship due to the weight. If you have enough money to go that route than have it professionally crated and shipped.
A colleague shipped paintings from Europe in a wooden crate she'd made but there are alternatives.
You can "make" a form fitted box out of heavy Dapoxetine Generic Cheap and crate packing tape. A double box is suggested.
I've done this and friends have shipped paintings from London using the following method.
Visit appliance stores etc. - ask the owner or a manager to save you a refrigerator box or even two, and start from there

I use DHL Danza.

I frequently ship work all across the USA and I've used DHL Danza for about five years. (DHL Danza is the trucking arm of DHL). They're inexpensive and reliable, but there are several caveats: they only ship business to business, no residences, and they don't insure original artwork. So I build my own Armegeddon-proof crates out of 1/4 plywood and pack the living hell out of them. Never had a problem.
Last year I shipped 14 crates with a total weight of 1700 pounds from L.A. to NYC. It cost me $1100 and the work was delivered there safely in 4 days.

Container shipping: the secretive industry crucial to our existence  —
They are the reason behind your cheap T-shirt and reasonably priced television. But who looks beyond a television now and sees the ship that carried .. The biggest container ship can carry 15,000 boxes.

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