Cheapest Way to Mail Packages

September 6, 2013 – 11:34

December 14, 2010 by Toni Anderson

Don’t you hate it when it costs more to ship a gift than the cost of the actual gift? I do. A few years ago I wrote a post about the cheapest ways to mail packages, but a lot as changed since then so I thought I would give an update. With Christmas fast approaching I know many people are waiting in long lines at the post office to ship their packages, and the post office isn’t always the best deal.

While this post is in no way comprehensive, it should help save a little bit of money on your shipping.

Cheapest Ways to Mail Packages

Free Shipping

Almost every online retailer is offering free shipping this time of year. Amazon offers free two-day shipping all year round to its Amazon Prime
members and now you can receive free shipping if you spend $25 or more on select items. Other stores such as Kohls, Land’s End, Gap, Old Navy, Barnes and Noble, and many others offer free shipping if you spend over a certain amount. I try to buy as much as possible from, but for other items I always go through Ebates or Shop at Home. They often have a coupon code as well as cash back on my purchases.

USPS Shipping Options

The post office has several different shipping options. The cheapest shipping option is almost always Media Mail, but you must be mailing media. This includes items such as books, film, manuscripts, sound recordings, video tapes, and computer readable media- CDs, and DVDs. You can mail a 10 pound package for only $5.89 using Media Mail. The problem is there is no guaranteed delivery date, so if you are trying to get it there by Christmas this might not be your best option.

The cheapest way to mail non media via the USPS. Check the price though, many times parcel post isn’t much cheaper than priority and it is much slower. Parcel post is calculated by weight and location. You can see a parcel post rate chart on the Post Office website.

The USPS has introduced Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes. Basically whatever you can jam in the box you can ship for one price. So, if you box weighs 5 or 50 pounds you pay the same price. The priority mail boxes are free and are available at your local post office, or you can have them shipped to your door. The Priority Mail Flat Rate chart is below.

If you choose to use your own packaging you can send it priority mail too. Prices are based on weight and location and start at about $5. You can view the priority mail rate chart on the USPS website.

Priority mail is usually 2 to 3 day shipping, but it is not guaranteed.

If you are short on time but not on money, Express Mail is your best option at the USPS. Express mail starts at $13.65 for an envelope and goes up from there. You can send a flat rate envelope for $18.30. It is guaranteed overnight delivery to most locations and you get a refund if they don’t deliver it by the guaranteed day.

Insurance is not including when shipping via the USPS. You can purchase insurance for your packages, as well as other options such as delivery confirmation, tracking and more.

The post office will come pick up your packages as long as they are ready to be shipped. It is a free service as long as you are using Express Mail, Priority Mail, International services, Merchandise Return Service and Parcel Return Service. There is also an on demand service which costs $15.30 per pick-up. You can find out more about mailing packages from your home on the pick-up options section of the USPS website.


Here's what I do...but it ain't cheap...

I take the chocolates and pack them in small, but heavy wieght boxes. I put those boxes in a cheap styrofoam cooler. In and around the small boxes I put either ice packs or packs of dry ice. Then I tape up the styrofoam cooler, and place in a larger box and stuff newpaper in between the box and cooler. Seal up the larger box and run to Fed Ex and overnight it, but I have good results with second day because sometimes it makes it there the next day anyway. Be sure to tell them if you included dry ice on your shipping label, and to write perishable on the outside box as well.
What kind of chocolates are you sending? It may make a difference wheather you use dry ice or ice packs.

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