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Bubble wrap at Target in the packing up to move supplies. I buy plain manila anvelopes, 150 for 5.00 and add my own bubble wrap. You can go to Hallmark and stores in the mall and get free bubble wrap too (ask!) I get tape in bulk and buy sharpies in bulk. Dollar store and dollar tree has cheap shipping supplies -- and you can wrap books in paper grocerie bags turned inside out.
There's also a kick butt bubblemailer guy on eBay. I used to buy a LOT from him.

I have issues.

Everything is well organized and ready to go... but shipping and handling sucks. See, I have to BUY a scale... then look up sizes of boxes... all that crap.
I already make that mail man work his ass off with all the books and vases i buy from ebay already. he hates me. SF is hard sometimes.
I was thinking, seriously, of doing a SAHM eBay mom's garage sale during the week, and let them come get stuff for a good price - NOT crazy cheap garage sale, like ready to go collectibles and toy lots, and let them deal with that. Even though I want another kid, I can't store all this stuff

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