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I always found Reptiles Express professional and able to take care of any problems right away. I have used many suppliers in the past but Reptiles Express is one of the best out there.Best prices and no hassles. These guys are not human! Give them a try,you won't be disappointed.
Chuck Gochnour Heroic Chameleons

I had the pleasure of using just prior to the site going public. I bought 2 labels - 1 to California and 1 to Fairbanks Alaska.
Now I know you're looking at the location of the 2nd label and thinking "Can I ship to Alaska???" Well the answer is YES! You can! The dragon got there with no problems. The customer service was top notch,and the price was beyond fair. will have my business for some time to come.


How To Purchase Dapoxetine, Priligy Buy Online Singapore

Cost by soliciting friends & neighbors for used shipping supplies, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, mailers, boxes, cardboard stiffeners (dry cleaning shirt cardboards) or cut stiffeners from used overnight pkgs, do not go cheap on mailing manila envelopes, get sturdy ones not the kind intended for office and filing but the kind intended for mailing. Avoid cheap mailing tape, use brand name, way easier to work with, though you may not need reinforced shipping tape.

Snakes are really difficult.

I'm not sure who will even ship them. I use DHL, and I know they won't. You can use Delta Dash, which is airport-to-airport and very safe, but you'd have to look up the requirements for it (not cheap, either).
I put the tortoise in a sock and tie the end shut (mind you, these guys are only 30-40g), then pack it in a tupperware container with packing peanuts around it. That goes in a small cardboard box with more peanuts, and then that goes in a larger box (12 x 12 x 8) with more peanuts. A few airholes in the outside box, a heat pack inside if it's cool enough, and labels all around the outside that say "This end up - handle with care - live harmless reptile

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