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© Yoav Messer Architects via Designboom

Over at Designboom,they're featuring a new bridge design made from shipping containers by Israel's Yoav Messer Architects. The firm says that "repurposing the containers is fast and easy work that can be done off-site and later assembled,minimizing invasive construction. A new steel truss will be integrated with the metal boxes as the primary structure of the bridge." But is it smart design?

© Yoav Messer Architects via Designboom

There is no question that using the shipping containers enables the architects "to frame specific views." The containers have "incorporated display panels [that] will keep visitors up to date with site-specific information and presentations on new projects."

But can you call cutting out walls,engineering the boxes into trusses,and welding four 40-footers into a span "fast and easy" compared to building a box truss from scratch that is actually the length of the span between supports? Does the use of a shipping container's "modular characteristic [make] it ideal for replacing or repairing parts" when they are the actual structure of a bridge?How do you replace a section of a truss?

Honestly,I have become a container curmudgeon. Still,you can check out lots more lovely images at Designboom.

Tags: Israel | Shipping Containers

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4x4x4 Shipping Packing Moving Box (25) 200/C (30% Stronger than 32/C) UPS and FEDEX Preferred
Office Product (Boxit)
  • 4x4x4 Corrugated Shipping Box (25)
  • Length xWidth xDepth
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How To Buy Priligy In Usa - Can I Buy Priligy In Australia

See if your local bike groups or shops will rent you a hard case for your bike!
i shipped my bike on the plane last summer for a vacation. prices vary a lot with airline. my outward flight was cancelled and i had to switch airlines--ended up paying $40 on the way out (maybe America west or Southwest, can't remember) and $80 on the way back for the bike.
i packed it in double cardboard boxes, but it must have had TONS of stuff stacked on it and had been treated roughly...the frame was tweaked enough that my chainline was off, there were several new scratches on the frame, and my levers were noticably assymetrical when i got there

Avery Internet Shipping Labels for Laser Printers with TrueBlock Technology, 5.5 x 8.5 Inches, White, Box of 200 (05126)
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  • TrueBlock Technology completely covers everything underneath
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  • Use white shipping labels for all your shipping and mailing needs
  • Works well with United States Postal Service Click-N-Ship, Pitney Bowes Shipstream Manager Deluxe, eBay and PayPal online postage
  • TrueBlock Technology completely covers everything underneath
  • Labels are bright white for professional results every time
  • Perforated label sheets provide easy separation into labels and receipts
  • Works well with United States Postal Service Click-N-Ship, Pitney Bowes Shipstream Manager Deluxe, eBay and PayPal online postage and other popular shipping software
  • Use white shipping labels for all your shipping and mailing needs

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