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Offers plywood strength without the weight and expense.Each STRONGBOX comes with three layers of foam protection in a strong humidity-resistant 350 lb. single wall or 500 lb./71 ECT double wall corrugated cardboard. STRONGBOXES are also available with Puncture-Guard hard plastic liners ensuring extra safety for expensive art work.

Framed art work is safely encased in three layers of protection. One layer is sandwiched between two layers of convoluted (egg carton) foam. Customize the middle foam layer by removing perforated squares to form an opening that snugly encases the art work. Multiple layers provide superior shock absorption.

STRONGBOXES provide an inexpensive and reuseable Dapoxetine Generic Cheap suitable for land and air transit with excellent damage survival qualities to withstand UPS, U.S. Mail and air courier handling.

Allow 2" to 3" on the sides, top and bottom and 1" in depth of the internal dimensions of the Strongbox for safety. See Maximum Frame Sizes recommended in the chart below. More than one framed artwork in each box is not recommended. NEW STRONGBOX SIZES
In response to many requests, four new sizes in both lines and unlined versions have been added to accommodate deeper frames which are frequently antique. Internal dimensions of these new sizes:

  • 35" x 62" x 4"
  • 62" x 62" x 5"
  • 40" x 45" x 7.5"
  • 43" x 82" x 4"

  • Refer to the Maximum Frame Sizes to ensure proper fitting.


    Acquistare Priligy Originale Online

    Cardboard cut slightly larger than the print itself so it does not have room to slide around en route. tape those shut on all four sides on the outside of the cardboard. place in the correct size envelope. I would not advise using the photo mailers unless the prints are 5x7 or smaller. I feel they are not strong enough. the kind of cardboard I am talking about is the same thickness as those used for boxes. you can find them through uline or a shipping supply place. write on the outside in large easy to read letters on both sides "photos - do not bend." I have sent dozens of prints this way, a few of them 16x20 size and have rarely experienced any problems

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