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September 6, 2013 – 11:34

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Clinch-Tite provides a wide variety of corrugated cardboard boxes. The design of rectangular corrugated cardboard boxes or solid fiberboard boxes looks simple enough. The basic patterns, or styles, are well established. Some are highly specialized and are best used for a limited number of products or applications. Others can be used for almost any product.

Some patterns are not practical. The use of six separate pieces for the four sides, top and bottom, for example, would involve 12 seams; it can be done, but the work is seldom worth the effort.

Corrugated Cardboard Box Information:

The box designer's goal is to find the most effective and economical combination of material and design for the packaging task.

The product, the manner in which it will be packaged, the shipping and storage environment, and the way it will be displayed, opened, and used must all be considered.

Source: www.clinchtite.com

JIT the Packaging Wholesalers The Packaging Wholesalers 12 x 10 x 4 Inches Shipping Boxes, 25-Count (BS121004)
Office Product (JIT the Packaging Wholesalers)
  • 200 lb / 32 ECT
  • Sold in bundles of 25
  • Ships in flat bundles to save space.

An estimate

700 records is -roughly- 350 pounds. In simplest terms, your records weigh 1/2 of their count. 50,000 records? 25,000 pounds. This came in handy for me the day I decided I needed to move my records into the basement...my floors started caving in.
You do the math here but here is the bare bones.
Records are generally shiipped in 2 types of packages: a 30 "count" box and a record "cube". A 30 "count" box holds, you guessed it, 30 records and weighs about 15 pounds. So...30 records = 15 pounds then 700 records would fit into -roughly- 23 boxes. A record "cube" which measures 13X13X13 holds about 100-120 records and weighs about 45-50 pounds

Pratt Retail Specialties Pratt PRA0086 Recycled Corrugated Cardboard Single Wall Standard Flat Box with C Flute, 16" Length x 12" Width x 4" Height, (Pack of 25)
BISS (Pratt Retail Specialties)
  • 100 percent recycled corrugated boxes ideal for packing, shipping, and storing
  • 32 ECT grade
  • Standard C Flute size
  • Single wall corrugated box
  • Kraft colored box

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