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September 6, 2013 – 11:34

With the right resources,it’s easy to be green. Start with us—right here,right now: greener choices with the U.S. Postal Service®

Order eco-friendly packaging for shipments

We offer you a greener shade of green.

The Postal Service is the first shipping company to achieve Cradle-to-CradleCM certification for our packaging. It’s recyclable,of course. But it’s much more. This is environmental “big picture” certification. It starts at the design stage,considers energy and water use through manufacturing,and ends with a product that can be safely recycled. Cradle-to-CradleCM certification comes from McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry.

What does it mean for customers?Eco-friendly boxes and envelopes-free of charge. Order yours online at The Postal Store®You can send “greener” packages across the country or around the world — and it won’t cost you any more.
Order yours free

Do more online

Almost everything you can do at the Post Office,you can do online. So next time,skip the trip and save time and fuel. Our website lets you:

Buy stamps

Our stamps are recyclable and our stamp adhesives are environmentally benign and recycling compatible.
Buy yours online

Ship green with USPS

When you order a product on online,choose the Postal Service to deliver it. We are already coming to your house 6 days a week so it’s not an extra trip for us. Make the switch-have your packages delivered by the Postal Service.
Learn more about our shipping services

Make recycling easy by mail

The mail is an easy way to recycle items so they don’t cause environmental harm.

We’re piloting a mail-it-back program consumers can use to mail used electronics such as PDAs,cell phones and ink cartridges.

We’re also working to help consumers recycle used compact fluorescent light bulbs.

And Hewlett Packard,Dell,and Sprint are using the mail to help customers return empty ink cartridges,cell phones,other wireless devices,old computers and computer equipment.


Henkel Duck Brand Kraft Corrugate Shipping Boxes, 12" x 12" x 10.5", Brown, 6-Pack (281503)
Office Product (Henkel)
  • Durable 32 lb. edge crush test rating
  • 100% post-consumer recycled content
  • Great for moving, shipping, storing
  • Heavy duty brown Kraft boxes
  • Pack of 6 boxes are shipped folded
  • Heavy duty brown kraft box
  • Certified 200 pound test strength
  • Each box is UPC coded
  • 6 Pack of 12 x 12 x 10.5 boxes

For Beautiful_Romance--and anyone else

With a shoe (or similar) collection to move or store. You can have more than enough cardboard boxes of just the right size delivered right to your door--for free.
Go to Click "Shop," then "Get Mailing & Shipping Supplies," then "Priority Mail." Choose the size and quantity of boxes you need (there are several different sizes to choose from). Order them, and have them delivered right to your door, free of charge--you can order hundreds at a time. You do have to create an account, but that's fairly irrelevant--there is still no charge.
They can take a week or so to arrive, so order early

That is bullshit, you are being gouged.

That is a load of salesmanship crap they are giving you about the insurance -- they will sell the insurance even if you pack it yourself, so long as it is obvious that you have packed it well.
I would buy a 4x8 sheet of cardboard -- or better, go to an appliance store and ask them to save you their refrigerator boxes, they will probably give them to you free.
You don't need that much bubble wrap. Once around one way, once around the other. Make some cardbord corners out of scrap cardboard and tape those on with belts of packing tape, going each direction.
use a box cutter and a straight edge to get clean cuts and cut out a blank for the painting's box from the refrigerator box

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