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How to create a custom cardboard box to ship works of art

September 6, 2013 – 11:34

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One of the best ways to pack ARTWORK.In this style of package, the picture and the cardboard linings placed on the front and back of the picture are tightly bound together with non-adhesive shrinkwrap.

This forms a large H-BEAM that reinforces the package and keeps the picture suspended in the center of the box.

There is very little need for additional corner blocking. The "sandwich" inserts fit inside the box perfectly and form corner blocks themselves.
In effect, the entire sheets are corner blocks.

Used in conjunction with a double-overflap end flap, your ARTWORK will arrive in perfect condition, encapsulated in a package as light, strong and compact as possible.

Did I forget to mention professional?

The picture in this example measures 36" x 28" x 2", and we're going to use 1-1/2" of fill at the front & back, with 2-1/2" at the edges & corners. This will be a Double-flapover style picture box - extremely resistant to crushing.

So to start:

  • Enter the size of the painting; 36" x 28" x 2"
  • Set the fill thickness - 1-1/2" front/back, 2-1/2" edges/corners
  • Choose the style of package
  • Choose most economical material layout
  • Design box and print plans
  • Make up the box and inserts
  • Leave both end flaps open

Set the picture aside for the moment.

Now that we have the perimeter of the picture traced, the next step is to cut a series of 3" wide x 2" deep flaps, one flap on each edge of the sheets at the midpoint of each side.

cardboard insert layout

Make sure the bottom insert is directly underneath the top (marked) sheet then punch the control points through with an awl. (or an old ballpoint pen)
This way, you don't have to struggle trying to cut two thicknesses at once. Cut the second sheet flaps at the punch-marks.


Wal-mart can help

I don't ship over seas so I'm unsure of what boxes you need for that. However, for all your other shipping needs go to wal-mart for your boxes... from 10pm to 7am ever night they restock their shelvies if you need a thin/tall box for a picture try the furniture dept. Where they sell the frames. The craft & housewares dept is good for thick cardboard boxes for shipping glass items. We ( yes I work there) give out boxes everynight to movers.. nothing says you can't get smaller boxes and we love you because it's less cardboard for us to put in the baler.
Best times to go is 11pm to 3 am

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