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Dispense with having the wrong packing and shipping equipment for the job. 4x4x4 cardboard boxes are the perfect selection to ship more efficiently by using the right packing and shipping equipment. They are user-friendly and practical as well. The dependableness and intrinsic value of these 4x4x4 cardboard boxes are acknowledged by workers and business people. Search for the best quantity from among the listings according to your preference. Make your decision from a variety of trusted brand names like Ecoswift. Uncover a real find by perusing new and slightly used 4x4x4 cardboard boxes. Also, 4x4x4 cardboard boxes can be obtained from eBay top-rated sellers, therefore you can be assured in your final choice. Take advantage of Dapoxetine Generic Cheap in a lot instances. With superb finds for 4x4x4 cardboard boxes on eBay, say goodbye to struggling in vain to find workarounds for obsolete equipment.


Shipped mine in a cardboard bike box.

You have to turn the handlbars and remove the pedals, and you ABSOLUTELY need to keep a copy of the airline's official bike shipping policy with you. 99% of airline employees won't know the policy, and I guarantee you, some officious jackass is going to cause trouble for you if you don't have documentation.
Cardboard is easily punctured, of course. If the bike you're shipping is VERY valuable and a scratch would break your heart, get a hard shell.

Cardboard box secret

All cardboard bike shipping boxes are not created equal.
Most are pretty cheesy, low cost, one-piece Chinese made boxes.
A few, which the higher-end bikes are shipped from the manu are actually pretty good. Trek, for one, ships their Madones in a very HQ two-piece box that would suffice for what you want to do. Get em for free at my LBS....

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