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This article will discuss the procedure for packing and boxing a bicycle for shipment. This often means taking apart various parts of the bicycle. Although disassembly is an inconvenience for re-assembly, it makes for a well-protected bicycle during transport. The safe transport of the bike relies heavily upon the effort put into packing.

Bike Box

Begin by securing a good box. The best Dapoxetine Generic Cheap are actually the plastic shipping crates made specifically for the purpose. These are available from several different manufacturers, and vary in quality and price.

It is also possible to use a cardboard box. These are typically the boxes used by bicycle manufacturers when a new bicycle is shipped to a retailer. The cardboard box material will vary in strength and thickness depending upon brand. Inspect the box to see if the box feels heavy, and the material is thick. It is worth a few dollars to pay for a good quality cardboard box, rather than to get a free box of suspect quality.

Contact airline or other transportation companies for limitations on weight and size. Currently, for international air travel, there is a 70-pound (33 kilogram) limit per checked item before extra charges are applied. Again, double check with your transporter for details and limitations. If flying, do not pack air cartridges, solvents, oils, etc. Assume the bike box will be opened and inspected.

When dismantling the bike, use care not to loose parts. If there is any doubt where a bolt or odd part is to go upon assembly, tag and note the part. If a component is taken apart, it can be useful to return bolt to bike. Gently snug removed bolts back in place. Assume a loose bolt placed in a thread will rattle out, fall off the bike, and fall out of the box.

Tools and Supplies

A variety of tools and supplies are typically required to dismantle and then assemble the bicycle.

  • Pedal wrench
  • Hex wrenches
  • Padding material, such as foam pipe insallation, or bubble wrap, foam wrap, etc.
  • Packing tape (good quality)
  • Zip ties and or cord
  • Plastic bags for small parts
  • Tape to mark position references, such as seat post height

Source: www.parktool.com

Flat Rate Boxes!!

Check into "Flat Rate" boxes. Usually smaller but they may have new sizes. Might run you 7-8 bucks a piece. Good for heavy things that would otherwise cost you more to send normally. Think "Lightweight". See how big you can get in a flat rate box but I think for 25 people you're better off to send in one box instead, just make it easy to unpack and the lighter it is the less wight your family has to wrestle to bring it inside. Budget for the shipping so you have enough.. everyone will love opening a big box of presents. Maybe buy gifts for each 'family' to use.. though I don't know what that might be


It really shouldn't cost more than $5-10 max for a 20x24 for bubble wrap and box purchased from a warehouse. You can buy single boxes or bulk for discounts, and a roll of bubble wrap that will last for many paintings (they come in different sizes and lengths to suit your needs). Just google the packaging warehouses in your area, look around for the best prices and you're all set. And of course charge for actual shipping AND handling (includes packaging materials).

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