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September 6, 2013 – 11:33

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Office Depot: Find the Right Envelope

Which envelope is the best choice for your mailing?

At Office Depot, you'll find a huge assortment of envelopes for all your mailing needs. Choose from standard #10 business envelopes or many more options in all sizes, shapes and weights.

Business envelopes-From letters and contracts to forms and proposals, business envelopes protect your important documents as they travel from your desk to your colleagues and customers. Choose window envelopes to reveal addresses or special messages. Or use security envelopes, offering extra privacy for financial, health and other confidential documents.

Holiday envelopes-Feeling festive? Spread the cheer with greetings mailed in holly, snowflake, gold or silver envelopes. Most types of envelopes are available in a range of colors, from red to yellow to traditional ivory, brown and yellow. There's a shade to match the tone of every mailing, from serious to celebratory.

Interdepartmental envelopes-- Though email usage keeps increasing, many employees still send hundreds, if not thousands, of documents to each other every year. Want to make yours stand out in the inbox? Choose from nonstandard colors, such as white, red and bright blue. When mailing paychecks and other confidential materials, use special-purpose envelopes that require signatures across the seal.

Large format envelopes-Annual reports, newsletters, magazines, catalogs and other direct mail pieces need a roomy envelope. Find the mailer size (from 6" x 9" to 10" x 13") that's just a bit larger than the piece you're sending. Enclosures range from gummed flaps to metal clasps with reinforced eyelets. Bright colors are available, but most large format envelopes are made of durable 28-lb brown kraft paper. Need extra protection? Choose a security mailer made of polyethylene film, which resists moisture and tearing.

Specialty envelopes-If you're mailing CDs and DVDs, invitations, greeting cards, highly confidential medical claims and more, we've got just the right envelopes for you. Looking for a greener choice? Shop our selection of business envelopes made from recycled paper. They help reduce waste, preserve forests and lessen energy, greenhouse gases and water and air emissions.

Find all your packing and shipping supplies too!

Whether you ship locally, long-distance or both, you'll need to stock your mailroom with a variety of packaging supplies. Planning ahead helps to protect your items, keep your packages neat and professional-looking, and meet U.S. postal regulations-preventing delays and additional costs.


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I hear you about the shipping

There's arguments to be made either way. I usually buy 12x12x12 boxes at Walmart for 68 cents and scavenge packing material for free. If you're shipping USPS you can also get 8x12x12 boxes for free. USPS large flat rate tends to be high because it is good for up to 70lbs. Unless I'm shipping something heavy, USPS Priority is usually 5-10 bucks cheaper.

I never like the term "self made"

But do understand it means a person who now has a large net worth who started out with a tiny fraction of that net worth.
One very wealthy man (I forget who) challenged the "self made" label put on him by the media and went on to list hundreds of people without whom he couldn't have made a penny.
It's even admirable to look at those who started out as "mere" millionaires but multiplied their fortunes - Donald Trump, and Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal come to mind. A company I buy shipping boxes from is owned by a couple who are from a "beer" family and this year they'll do over $1 billion in boxes and run a great company.

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