In 1996, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport built Concourse E, the international concourse, to make way for the Centennial Olympic Games. Concourse E was immediately given a distinct personality in large part because of the vast amount of artwork held within. Each gate has a unique installation by an artist from the southeastern region of the United States. Peppered through the rest of the concourse are additional artworks and displays. As a result, Concourse E has the Airport Art Program’s largest collection of permanent and site-specific art. We hope that passengers from around the world leave Concourse E delighted, intrigued and with a sense of the complex culture of the American South. For more information about these pieces or the Airport Art Program in general, please call 404-382-2455 or e-mail

Gates E-1 to E-4 “Bird in the Hand”
Kerry Moore Moore’s sculpture represents a literal one-quarter scale replica of the Wright Flyer designed by Orville and Wilbur Wright. The piece was created with exacting detail and consummate craftsmanship, bringing to mind the intersection of art, aviation, science, history and human discovery. The plane has been placed in a house-like structure as if it were caged or held safely, depending on the viewer’s perspective. On the gates’ lower walls passengers will find other two-dimensional pieces by Moore that explore the same themes.

“Let each man pass his days in that endeavor wherein his gift is greatest”John Salvest

Two large collages composed entirely of business cards can be found on the south end of Concourse E. For these pieces Salvest tapped into this uniquely human way of greeting strangers and exchanging identifying information. On one side he has used colored business cards to send a message in the form of a quotation by Propertius. On the other side are the five vowels in the Latin alphabet. Through both installations he is celebrating work and a purposeful life for man-kind through employment and language alike.

“Sojourners”By Amalia Amaki

This contemporary version of a quilt utilizes images from photographs of regular people and celebrities. Amaki embellished the surface with buttons, creating a rich, decorative pattern that frames the blue-toned photographic negatives. On the lower walls of the gate, additional pieces by Amaki were installed in 1999. These smaller works enhance her installation by giving viewers the chance to examine her meticulous assemblages more intimately.


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