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Green Move-In Tips | Brown Is Green

September 6, 2013 – 11:35

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Got questions? Ask an EcoRep!Here are the Top 10 ways to green your move-in. These tips are brought to you by Brown EcoReps. Keep an eye out for the EcoReps during move-in! They will be wearing bright green shirts and will be happy to answer all your questions about living green at Brown.

Green Move-In Top 10

  1. Think ahead - You’ll move in and out every year in college! If you bring cardboard moving boxes, consider sending them home with your parents or keeping some flattened under your bed to use during move-out. Investing in reusable bins or trunks is also a good idea.
  2. Recycle your cardboard - If you bring cardboard moving boxes, have pre-shipped items, or buy packaged items during move-in, break the boxes down and bring them to any of the large BLUE dumpsters outside your dorm.
  3. Skip the bottled water - Consider purchasing a water filer (i.e. Brita filter) and/or a reusable water bottle! Once meal plan starts you can buy reusable water bottles for 7 flex points at Mini Jo’s. Rhode Island has the 2nd best tap-water in the country! So go Beyond the Bottle!
  4. Recycle - Each dorm room comes equipped with a white bucket for recyclables. Plastic containers, aluminum, glass, paper and boxboard can all be recycled in your dorm’s recycling room. For more recycling tips check out
  5. Know what Brown gives you - Brown provides lots of student services that mean you need less stuff! Brown students can stream live TV to their computers through the IPTV program. So you don't need a TV to watch your favorite shows. Brown students also get $30 a year in free printing in libraries and computer clusters around campus, do you really need a printer in your room too? Brown also provides students with free access to the RIPTA bus system and easy bike rentals through Bikes at Brown.
  6. Buy Green for your room - There are tons of environmentally friendly products out there! Everything from organic cotton sheets to chemical free cleaners! Give your purchases some real thought. Check out the Green Dorm Room webpage for tips and green product shopping list.
  7. Plan your trips - Use the green room shopping list to plan your shopping trips carefully. Avoid driving to extra, or far away, stores when possible. This will save you time, money and reduce the carbon foot print of your move-in!
  8. Bag the bag - Don’t forget to bring a reusable bag with you when you go shopping for school supplies and snacks. Don’t have a bag? Stop by the Facilities Management table at the Resources Fair for your own “Brown is Green” bag!
  9. Lighten up - Bring or buy CFLs or LED light bulbs for your desk and floor lamps. The bulbs last longer and use less energy than regular light bulbs.
  10. Get involved - Interested in learning more about living green at Brown? Want to get involved with environmental student groups or take classes with sustainability themes? The Brown is Green website is your one-stop-shop for energy and environmental info! Like us on Facebook to stay on top of all the latest news and tips.

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Wal-mart can help

I don't ship over seas so I'm unsure of what boxes you need for that. However, for all your other shipping needs go to wal-mart for your boxes... from 10pm to 7am ever night they restock their shelvies if you need a thin/tall box for a picture try the furniture dept. Where they sell the frames. The craft & housewares dept is good for thick cardboard boxes for shipping glass items. We ( yes I work there) give out boxes everynight to movers.. nothing says you can't get smaller boxes and we love you because it's less cardboard for us to put in the baler.
Best times to go is 11pm to 3 am

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