Cheap Ways to Move Across Country

September 6, 2013 – 11:34

The cheapest ways to move interstate Moving your household goods across state may be difficult, tiresome, time-consuming, exhausting… And on top of that – costly. Moving locally may be much simpler in many aspects. But surely if you are relocating to a new state you will be interested in making your move not just easier but also more affordable and cheap. And there are a few tricks that you could use to do that. Our cheap ways to move across country are designed to save you money and make your moving not only less expensive but also more efficient, better organized and easier. You will be able to move your stuff, save from the cost of the move and enjoy much more the relocation process. Here are cheapest ways to move cross country.

Cheap Ways to Move Stuff Across Country

There are many ways to organize your state to state move – renting crates, hiring a truck, hiring cross state movers to take care of the full move, etc. You can optimize all of these by taking a look at the cheapest ways to move cross country we found for you below. If you are moving to LA, Miami, Hawaii, Florida, New York or even Australia or the UK these great ideas can serve you well:

Get several movers quotes in order to find a lower price for your moving.

  • Before contacting a moving company downsize. The cheapest way to move belongings across country is perhaps just to move less.Relocate cheaply long distance Select the things in your home to move and see which ones are rarely used, worn out, broken, etc. The cheapest way to move long distance is to take what is necessary for you only. Besides, once you arrive at your new home you will be able to get new and better furniture which will suit your home more than the old one. You can sell the items that you don’t need at a garage sale or on eBay. In this way will get to have more cheap ways to move across country as you will also make some money out of what you don’t need. Now how nice is that!
  • Find out which is the cheapest way to move belongings across country by getting in touch with the best long distance movers. Contacting reputable out of state movers is a great idea firstly because they will give you a realistic price – scammers tend to give a much lower price to attract customers. Secondly, you will be able to compare the prices and find which is the moving company with which you will get the cheapest way to move long distances.
  • If you decide to rent a truck use maximum space inside it and arrange your belongings to the top (you can use a ladder). This is one of the cheap ways to move interstate as you will be able to get the smallest moving vehicle possible and load it up as much as you can.Cheap ways to move across country
  • Get boxes that are of the same size. They are easily stackable and you will not have empty space inside the truck. Perhaps the cheapest way to move belongings across country is to use bags. They are not as strong as boxes but can take up any form and you can use them to fit in the empty spaces inside the truck/ container. You can put some clothes in bags for example.

    Consider if you are better off financially to ship your car and fly to your new address or move with your car. Talk to movers how much they would charge you for towing your auto.

  • One of the cheap ways to move across country is to save from packing supplies. You can collect boxes from the supermarkets around your home and you can use the blankets and sheets you have as moving pads inside the moving vehicle. Afterwards you will only have to wash them to use them again. You can get packing materials free or cheap in many places like craigslist or neighbors who have recently moved.More about Pamela Smith
  • Choose how to move your vehicle to a different state. You can move your car with a moving company which is convenient for you or you can drive it to your new home. But in that case you will also need to calculate in expenses for food, hotel and petrol. And especially if you have a family that means more costs for the relocation trip. Add up the numbers and see what will come up.
  • Use the iPhone app MyMove. It is free and very convenient. If you are looking for the cheapest way to move long distances this app will make it simpler for you – you can use it to contact movers, get estimates, make moving checklists and so much more.
  • And finally, make your trip cheaper. If you have an option for moving dates you can use a flexible date so that you can take the cheapest flight. You can save money not just from your move but also from the travel to your new home.


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