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I'm not shy about giving away my shipping tips! It's no secret that I sell jewelry on ebay. I buy on ebay as well, and I certainly want my purchases to arrive on my doorstep safely.

One of my first purchases on eBay was a large lot of vintage rhinestone jewelry. When my friendly Postal Worker delivered it, he worriedly gave it a little shake as he handed it to me. It sounded like broken glass. Oh NO!!! I was sick when I opened it to find the jewelry tossed in with no packing; not a shred of newspaper or a single packing peanut. Bummer. The upside to that story, however, was that particular lot turned into the first "Craft Lot" I listed on eBay! All was not lost.....

If you take one piece of advice from this guide, let it be that when you pack jewelry for shipping it should not clank around in the box! It needs to be secure so it doesn't move when you shake it. This can be accomplished simply and inexpensively. I rarely buy packing materials. I use old newspapers, egg cartons, empty paper towel rolls; anything that will fill space in a box without adding substantial weight. Another good one is shredded paper. I have a paper shredder and instead of throwing out the shreds, I bag it up and use it for packing material. Mark the bag or baggie with a magic marker, "Packing Material Only". That way your buyer will know to just toss it (or re-use it) when they open the box, and won't have a mess of shredded paper flying all over when un-packing their goodies.

One of the few packing supplies I do buy are inexpensive fold-top sandwich baggies. Not only do I put shedded paper in these for packing, I use these for jewelry as well. Each baggie can hold more than one piece, depending on the size of the jewelry. Place one piece of jewelry on each side and fold the baggie over. Using the baggies helps keep rhinestones and beads from getting scratched in transit. I buy these in bulk for about a penny apiece!

If you are shipping one piece of jewelry, or a small lot of jewelry, you can safely use a bubble envelope and ship First Class Parcel Post (weight can't exceed 13 ounces). Warning: NEVER send jewelry in a regular First Class Mail Envelope; even if it's a tiny piece, and even if you use bubble wrap. The automated postal machine will crush your jewelry! I learned this the hard way. When I first began on ebay, I sent a teensy, tiny, oh-so-delicate 10k gold ring, packaged carefully in bubble wrap, and it arrived at the other end flat as a pancake. How disappointing! I was trying to save $$ on shipping, but in the end it cost me, *and* I had a very disappointed buyer. Not good! When sending First Class Parcel Post, your package will be hand stamped and won't go through that machine....

Dapoxetine Generic Cheap is a great way to send jewelry. For $10.50 (online discounted price) you can stuff a Medium Flat Rate Priority Mail Box *full* and it doesn't matter what it weighs (up to 70 lbs). These work great for large lots of jewelry. The Small Flat Rate Box works for jewelry, too, for only $5.05!


My jewelry

On Ebay is usualy just wrapped in bubble wrap and put in a padded envelope. Some of it has boxes but as Morgansmomma said people want a deal on ebay and don't like to pay for the extra packaging. I haven't got set up with Etsy yet but I assume I will do the same once I get it set up so I can keep down my shipping charges but some stuff if it is delicate will go in small boxes inside the envelope. With clothes I fold it and put it in a zip bag and then in an envolope or box depending on size and weight. At festivals and fairs I have little pink bags I put stuff in. Again if it is delicate I will put it in a box

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